What The Heck Is A Collard Wrap?


That’s the most common question our friends ask us.

In a world of carb-centric sandwiches, burritos, wraps, and burgers; Collard Green Wraps is totally new to most people’s food vocabulary.

It starts with the collard leaf. Most people have never seen one of these unless it’s sauteed up with onions and served alongside pulled pork.

The huge hearty leaves provide a perfect canvas for our unique flavors.

We add some carrots, then a big scoop of one of our three delicious fillings. Then we top it off with some more carrots or the sauerkraut we ferment in-house for extra flavor and crunch.

When we craft this unique grab ’n’ go product, we have the opportunity to expand into some flavors that stand out from what other companies can offer.

For example, our Baked Falafel flavor transports you to a rich Mediterranean landscape. The vibrant herbs and spices we use here will make you question ever eating a turkey sub again.

Our flavors run the gambit from simple to complex. The cilantro pesto wrap is an herbacious lemon garlic explosion that feels familiar and new at the same time.

And our top seller, the Tempeh Reuben, is in a class of its own. You deserve the best food possible, so buying pre-made sauerkraut isn’t even an option. While you immerse yourself in this smoky, savory flavor storm, huge tubs of fresh kraut are fermenting back at our kitchen.

So the answer to that question, “ what is a collard wrap?,” is pretty simple. It’s the best grab’n’go product you’ll find in Oregon (and probably any other state).

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